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Luxury Suites (75 Sqft)

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Our Luxury Suites offers clients peace of mind with 24/7 Webcam access, Entertainment on a 32" TV, and Complimentary Morning and Even Potty Walks!

Daily rate:


Holiday rate:

+ $20/night

Additional guest:

+ $68.99/night

Online Reservation

What sets this room apart:

  • The Luxury Suite offers peace of mind through it's in suite Webcam & Complimentary Morning and Evening Walks!
  • Vary in size, 50-75 Square Feet
  • Complimentary Morning and Evening Walks Included With Room Rate ($16 daily value per dog)
  • In Suite Webcam
  • 32″ LED television
  • Premium Orthopedic Kuranda Bed with Orthopedic Grade Mattress and Soft Linens (Mattress Pad may be Blue in actual Suite)
  • Glass Door with Built In Privacy Shades
  • Calming Music
  • $16 of Additional Value through Complimentary Daily Walks
  • Additional Guests Receive 40% Off
  • *TV is usually above camera. May not be able to see tv or painting/photo in camera view like the featured photo*