Applications and Forms

New Client? Complete Required Forms here and you will soon be enjoying The Pawington’s Premier Services! (Credit Card Form not included)

For existing owners solely adding a new pet/s, simply complete a Pet Profile. You can complete that form here

Need a specific Form? The following forms may be completed here and will be automatically sent to Pawington’s servers upon completion. If you prefer, you can download a zip file of all forms at the bottom of the page. Afterwards, you can complete them at home, but they must be brought back in or emailed to us at [email protected] prior to using our services.

Forms requirements are as follows:

  1. New owners:
  2. Resort Policies (can be completed digitally)
  3. Boarding and Services Agreement (can be completed digitally)
  4. Pet Profile (can be completed digitally)
  5. Credit Card Authorization Form (for safety, this form must be printed out or completed at the facility)

Pet Profile

Required for all services.

Complete online form

Boarding and Services Agreement

Required before all services, Dog or Cat.

Complete online form

Resort Policies

Required before all services, Dog or Cat.

Complete online form

Credit Card on File Authorization- Can be returned to use digitally, or completed in house.

Required to book or use any services, Dog or Cat. Card will only be charged after any completed services, cancellations or incidental damages. Credit Card number is inputted, then form is shredded. Card data is encrypted and not visible to any employee after inputted into your profile.

Download PDF

Optional Forms

Boarding Check-In (if applicable)

If you would like to make Boarding check in easier and faster. You can use this to order extra amenities or activities for your pet, as well as state your pet's feeding schedule!

Download PDF

Medication and Supplement Administration (if applicable)

Required if you are bringing in multiple medications that may not be administered at unordinary times, or you would like to be very specific.

Download PDF

*AIRPORT PARKING IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE* Airport Parking Agreement (if applicable)

Required if leaving your car in our Airport Parking lot during your boarding. Keys MUST be left at front desk in the rare scenario your car must be moved to allow other cars to exit the lot.

Download PDF

As previously stated, the forms may be downloaded as editable PDF’s as well. They can be completed, saved, and then emailed to [email protected]. Please be sure to include your name in the email so we know whose forms we are receiving.

Airport Parking is currently unavailable, but will return in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Boarding Check-In and Medication and Supplement forms are not required unless you would like to make your boarding check-in easier, or have an in-ordinary medication schedule.

You may also print out hard copies of the forms, scan and email them or bring them with you to your appointment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our front desk at (650) 588-7788.

Complete each form here, or download the zip file for editable PDFs below: