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Your First Day of Daycare is Free when used on the same day as the Temperament Test!*
*Local clients only

Daycare is offered every day from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M., including weekends. For Existing Clients that have previously passed a temperament test, no reservations required. (Pickup and Drop off available 24 hours a day, but extra fees may apply, see below). For our first time Guests, please see our First Time Daycare Guests page.

Public Daycare may be closed on and around major holidays to allow us to focus on in house guests. If/when this occurs, we will email clients ahead of time so they can plan for other arrangements, or offer to be on a short list of daycare dogs accepted on those dates. Daycare packages will be extended by the duration of the closures. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this allows us to maintain safe and healthy group play areas for all guests.

The Pawington is proud to offer a unique Daycare experience where your dog will safely learn how to socialize with fellow pups, grow their own confidence, and get out that energy they may not be able to at home.

The Pawington offers our Daycare guests four large separate play areas all with indoor and roofed outdoor access. Every Play yard is supervised at all times, and the dogs are grouped based on their size, temperament and play style to guarantee the best experience possible. Every Play yard also has its own Webcam for you to check in anytime. All of our supervised Daycare areas come equipped with custom dog-friendly playground equipment, epoxied floors & orthopedic Kuranda beds for any tired pups.

The fun doesn’t have to stop there, you can add on any treat or activity, as well! Our favorite is Group Lake Play in our signature Tahoe inspired Lake Play Area, or a tasty peanut butter filled Kong Treat!

Drop offs prior to 5:30 a.m. will incur a flat fee of $84.99, the rate of our small suite. This rate includes that day’s Daycare. Drop offs between 5:30 AM and 7:00 a.m. will incur a $20 early drop off fee.

Last Pickup is 7:00 p.m. If guests are picked up between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m., there is a $20 late pick up fee. After 8 p.m., it rolls over into a boarding fee of $84.99, the price of a Small Suite, and this includes that day’s Daycare.

For those Pet Guests who cannot attend Group Daycare, please see our 1 on 1 Play options!

Discounted Packages are available for Full Day Daycare on the “ Packages” section. Packages offer significant savings for anyone who will be using Daycare 5 or more times over the six month expiration. Additional Dogs from same family receive 15% off Daycare.

Full Day Daycare
5 hours or more of Daycare. Discounted Packages Available (expiration varies). $48.99
Half Day Daycare (5 Hours or less)
5 hours or less of Daycare. No Discounted Packages Available. $41.00
Group Lake Play! (Our Most Popular Activity)
30 minutes of supervised play including fetch and swimming in our signature Lake Play area with other friends from their playgroup. Must be purchased with Daycare or Boarding. Video Below! $15
Private Lake Play!
25 minutes of supervised 1-on-1 play, including fetch and swimming, with our trained pet handlers in our signature Lake Play Area. Must be purchased with Daycare or Boarding. Video Below! $25
Daycare Lunch
Lunchtime and a 30 minute rest in a private Suite. If Pawington House Kibble of Natural Balance, add $3. $3
Krazy for Kong (Most Popular Treat!)
A large Kong Toy filled to the top with delicious Peanut Butter, served in a private suite. $6
First Day of Daycare*
Get to know us, on us! *Free Day of Daycare must be used on same day as the temp test. *Must be local* Free

Only Full Day Daycare Packages are available. Packages offer significant savings for anyone who will be using Daycare 5 or more times over the six month expiration. Additional Dogs from same family receive 15% off Daycare. Monthly package expires 30 days from date of purchase, all other packages expire 180 days from date of purchase. Additional Dogs from same family receive 15% off. All Packages are pre-paid and non-refundable. 3+ Dog packages available.

5 Day package $229.95 ($45.99/day)
10 Day package $439.90 ($43.99/day)
20 Day package $779.80 ($38.99/day)
Monthly package (30 day exp.) $710 ($23.66/day)
5 Day package for 2 dogs $425.41 ($42.54 per dog/day)
10 Day package for 2 dogs $813.82 ($40.69 per dog/day)
20 Day package for 2 dogs $1442.63 ($36.07 per dog/day)
Monthly package for 2 dogs (30 day exp.) $1313.50 ($21.89 per dog/day)

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Lake Play Fun!

Watch video


4 Indoor/Outdoor Play Areas

Four large, separate play areas with indoor and roofed outdoor access, each with their own turfed area.

Play Groups

Supervised play groups are based on pet guests size, temperament and play style. Perfect for your doggo to find their new best friend!

Trained Staff

Trained staff in each play area at all times.


Orthopedic Kuranda beds outline every play area for any pup needing a rest.

Special Equipment

Custom playground equipment specifically made for dog’s enjoyment and play.


Nest web cams installed in all of our Daycare areas. Visit our webcams page for access.

Fresh Water

Ample amounts of fresh drinking water in each play area. Constantly refreshed throughout day.

Custom Experience

Enhance your dog’s Daycare with an add-on like a peanut butter Kong or Group Lake Play with their friends!

Dog and Cat Boarding

The Pawington offers affordable, yet luxurious Suite Style Boarding for all of our dog and cat guests. The best part? Daycare is included and never an add on!

Learn more

Grooming & Spa Services

From specialized cuts to bath and brushes or just a nail trim, The Pawington has you covered.

Learn more