Hours of Operation

Play Area cameras are viewable from 8am-6pm every day. Suite Cameras are viewable 24 hours a day; please contact The Pawington for your suite password. Suite webcam passwords are case sensitive and are always entered in lower case. If you are unable to locate your dog on the webcams, please call our front desk and they can further direct you.

Need Assistance?

For technical support with suite cameras, contact Online Doggy via email at usersupport@onlinedoggy.com, by phone at (866) 929-0919, or visit Online Doggy.

View Using Mobile Apps

All suite cameras use the Odoggy app and play area cameras use the free Nest iOS app. To view play areas, create a Nest account and then “follow” the cameras on a computer. Launch the iOS app and login to your account to view these cameras.

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Suite Cameras

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Play Area 1 Camera

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