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We make traveling convenient with $9/day Airport Parking!

Airport Parking is available with any boarding stay for just $9 per day. Client is responsible for transportation fees to and from SFO. The Average UBER/LYFT ride is $10 to and from the airport as we are located just 5 minutes from SFO. Parking rolls into a new day at 10 a.m.

Due to our convenient Airport Parking, The Pawington is a convenient option for any clients traveling out of SFO. Even if you are coming from as far away as San Jose or even Sacramento, your pets and car will be safe and taken care of. Our parking lot makes it so when you arrive back from your trip, you don’t have to wait for a bus to go to an expensive long term parking lot and then try to get your pets before heading home. The Pawington is a convenient one-stop shop where you just grab a quick UBER/LYFT, grab your pet and car and head home after a long day of traveling.

A Parking Agreement must be filled out when dropping off your vehicle, and your keys must be left at the front desk so car may be moved if necessary. Your keys will be kept in a lockbox until your return.