Day Stay Animals

Why Day Stay?

The Pawington has designed our Day Stay program to ensure the safety and quality of care of all of our guests. For our guests that are unable to play in the pack, a Day Stay is a perfect way to experience the luxury The Pawington has to offer.

Dogs are placed in suites based on their size and availability. Availability is always subject to change and we recommend calling ahead to ensure space.

A La Carte Services

The Pawington offers customizable experiences for our day stay guests. For more information visit our Day Stay A La Carte Menu page.

Day Stay a La Carte Menu

Those That May Require Day Stay:

  • Dog or toy aggressive
  • Unharmonious temperament/play style
  • Decreased mobility issues
  • Unneutered males
  • Females in heat
  • Shy or uncomfortable in pack settings
  • Injuries that require rehabilitation
  • Intricate medication schedules/administration

Personal Care Fees

Due to the increased attention and care provided to our Day Stay clients, additional charges apply.

For any dog in heat, an additional 35 flat per day will be applied to their stay.

For Daycare Day Stay dogs, dogs receive 2 playtimes throughout the day,  varying in duration based on current Day Stay capacity. This personal care is included in the room rate.

For Boarding dogs that are Day Stay, an additional 20 per night will be applied to their stay. Boarding Day Stay Dogs receive 2 playtimes and 2 potty walks throughout the day.

Safety Is Our Priority

Please understand that although The Pawington makes every effort to provide our services for any guest, there are some guests that are not well matched with a resort setting. For the safety of all of our guests, those guests may not be admitted.  At this time The Pawington cannot accept pets that have incontinence, severe lack of mobility, epilepsy, heart health issues, diabetes or other major health concerns.

The Pawington also has age limits depending on breed and size of dog.

For these guests, we recommend boarding at your veterinarian with health professionals. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Day Stays

Suite Type Daily Rate(Due to occupying and sanitizing a suite, there is no discount for half days)
Small Dog – 55
Large Dog – 60
Cats 45

For Guests in Deluxe Suites, *Additional guests from same family and sharing suite, receive 30% discount.

Day Stay strongly subject to availability. There are holiday up-charges during the peak/holiday periods. Prices are subject to change without notice. Check-in or Check-out outside of lobby hours, strictly by reservation only. Early Check-In prior to 7:00 A.M. and late Pickup after 7:00 P.M. will incur additional fees, and potentially a boarding night. Please review our resort policies for more information.

Subject To Availability

Boarding Day Stays are always available, but are subject to availability. Due to the limited availability of unoccupied suites during the Holidays and Peak periods, Daycare Day Stays are not offered during certain periods. These dates are as follows:


  • January 1-2
  • April 10-13
  • May 22-25
  • July 1-6
  • September 4-7
  • October 9-12
  • November 24-30
  • December 18-31

2021: January 1-3

Please note the lobby will be closed on major holidays such as:

July 4th, November 26th, December 25th, January 1st (2020).

If you would like a similar Day Stay experience during these periods, a boarding reservation for a minimum of three (3) nights must be purchased.

Day Stay Reservations

Day Stay for your pet(s) may be scheduled by contacting our front desk at (650) 588-7788 or by clicking the following reservation button.