Customizable Experiences

The Pawington offers customizable activities and treats to both our Daycare and Boarding pet guests. We also provide a variety of premium services that your pet will be sure to love!

Choose between The Pawington’s packages or a la carte options when customizing your pet’s resort experience. Complement your pet’s stay with the services your pet relishes the most! See below for our current offerings, descriptions and prices.

Bedtime Bundle – $8

Your best friend will enjoy a evening walk, and a peanut butter Kong. This package is perfect to help relax and soothe your pet just before bed.

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Our guests love splashing around!

A La Carte Menu Activities

Activity Description Cost
Boarding Daycare
Including in all suite pricing, for dogs eligible and safe for group play Included
Group Lake Play 30 minutes of group play with pet guest friends. 15
Private Lake Play 15 minutes of private one-on-one play time with a Pet Concierge in our signature Tahoe-inspired Lake Play area. 25
Daycare Lunch For those guests that need a midday meal (Pawington kibble Add $3). 3
Morning Walk A walk in the morning for your pet to stretch their legs and get the morning off to a great start! (Included in Luxury, Lakes and Grand Master Suites) 8
Evening Walk A walk in the evening to wind down your pet’s day and one last potty break. (Included in Luxury, Lakes and Grand Master Suites) 8
Bedtime Story The perfect relaxing activity! Your pet will enjoy a story read to them in their personal boarding suite by one of our Pet Concierges. 6
Personal Playtime 20 minutes of personal playtime with one of our Pet Concierges. Your pet will spend their time doing the activites they love the most, playing fetch, Frisbee, or something as simple as being a happy lap dog with lots of cuddles! 18
Departure Bath For those pet guests that need a basic bath (shampoo, conditioner and towel dry) before going home to their pet owner. Dogs go home feeling clean and smelling fresh! No nail trim is included. (Free with Boarding of 7+ Nights) Size Specific

Treats Menu

Treat Description Cost
Krazy for Kong A Kong toy filled with peanut butter. Great for those active chewers! 5
Sleepy Time Treat A premium grain-free cookie made with quality ingredients. 4
Frozen Bliss A tasty frozen treat for your pet to enjoy. 6
Bully Stick A natural chew toy and treat that also cleans your pet’s teeth and exercises their gums. 5
New York Steak (4oz) A delicious steak cooked to perfection by our in-house chef, provided to your pet with their dinner. 15
Filet Mignon (4oz) A premium cut of meat, juicy and full of flavor, cooked to perfection and served to your pet with their dinner. 25

Discover Our Cat Boarding Packages

Cat boarding packages and an a la carte menu are available for The Pawington’s feline guests.